Brain think

Conscience plays with the emotions enveloping and encompassing our lives. Through our conscious decisions the course of our lives is determined. To step back from it is to destroy the known Self and lead to decisions potentially harmful to that Self's determination and control of the final encounter. To lie in one's true Self's conscience is to sow the seed of rot in the Inner most sanctum of truth rendering it useless.   So which are we to be? Our true selves or that which is dictated by the rapid yet unprocessed, non-thought-through decisions and consequences?   Is our choice one of duality? Either or?   Or is there a third view unexplored?    

The pied piper

Fountains playing the music of quiescence calls the piper to play his tunes and dispel the dark to the Otherworld of tortured hands and minuscule minds. Rainbows hide their colours and wash the land with perfumed garlands of excellence. The pinks and purples linger to the touch as the greens and blues rush upwards to the orchestral sky. The fire glows in the cloud base and silver droplet replenish the erstwhile land.  

An open book..

Man rose from all 4 to stand on his own 2 feet.   The only problem was   unlike all dinosaurs his brain was not capable of co ntrolling his tail  

My education began

  I came home from a hard day at school and settled onto the sofa. I had a mug of tea and some solitude, so placed my headphones on and drifted with the music as it lifted me up and allowed me to shed the stress of the day. Tea drunk and music happily burbling, I lay down and closed my eyes. Emptying my mind of everything from the day was tough and just as I thought I had succeeded another pressing thought would come into my head.  With practice I learned to stand back from these thoughts and just watch them as the came and went. Slowly the music would take over and I was able to drift to my safe zone....... Here I sit beneath an apple tree with my back to the truck waiting for an animal to appear and point the way to my learning. I look out on a verdant valley beneath with distant blue shrouded mountains and a calm sea. The birds sing and the insects buzz about. All is calm here and I happily sit aware of nothing save the ground beneath me and the warmth of the sun on my face. I close

A moment of total bliss

  I am the sum total of all my experiences be they good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, happy or sad, opening before the divine light of everything and nothing. My body melds with the Earth and is sustained by her; my Being opens freely and without reservation, like a chrysanthemum bud opening in a field of flowers.  We all touch the divine and draw life from her, we nod our heads in the sky and follow the movements of the suns rays. All is one and one is all there is... Allowing myself to become immersed, I sense leaving the earthly body and entering the realm of Nature; I touch a tree and meld with it, listening to the flow of water from the roots to the canopy. The sucking and pulling sounds emanate from deep within and I allow myself to drift into this, slowly being sucked up the tree towards the leaves which pulsate with activity and light. Photons are caught and transmitted through chlorophyll, mini explosions of energy packets are harnessed and converted into starches; I taste t

Learning to walk again

Just for a few moments imagine in your mind this little boy. Deep in his own thoughts and intent, he is using a sofa to lift himself up and stand. His balance is still weak and rests his hands to stabilise; he has taken the very first step in changing from a crawler to a walker. Undaunted he attempts to let go, and wobbling on his unsteady legs, he sways to find that new centre of gravity his ears innately recognise but as yet remains untested. He takes a step, one foot off the floor balancing on the remaining one. He falls and lands on his bottom. With a giggle he tries again; back up on his knees, hands in front, bottom up, sofa reached for, then push upwards. Over and over he keeps trying, never giving in until he stands without the sofa; onto knees, hands on floor, bottom up, then slowly stand, balancing in that new normal just like his parents. He tries again; lift a leg slowly, balance on the other and leg forward. As it reaches the ground he shifts his centre of gravity and foll

1992; a busy year for writing, a painful year for back pain

I came home from school, exhausted. I had spent all of the day up in my classroom or along that corridor; once up onto the third floor there was little chance I could make it up again that day. The classes had been kind and coped with me lying down on the desk for some of the lesson. They knew I was in pain they could see it on my face, ashen white, pinched, tense and worked with me. But that was earlier, now its time to lie down on the sofa and just drift. I have the pen and paper next to me, and attaching myself to my Walkman, I fill my consciousness with music and allow the pain to drift into the background. The hand picks up the pen and writes.... In the Beginning there was Light and it shone from everyone. All were equally blessed with sight to see and ears to hear. In this state of true communion between souls, truthful conversation flowed, filling minds and beings such that peace and harmony ruled, understanding and acceptance walked and Mankind flourished. Animals and plants he